Texas State University: Alumni Association

When your Alma Mater calls looking for a designer, better answer. The challenge: Texas State University Alumni Association’s alumni is vast, stretching decades in existence, yet lacks a feasible way to unify the masses. Their old site was dated and there was no database in place to capture user data, build profiles and make online donations. A redesigned alumni site was designed to help build community, instill pride and provide a way to reunite academics and tailgaters alike to a common environment.


Web Strategy
Site Architecture
UX/UI Design

“How can we connect users that graduated in the 70’s with those in the 90’s—or even millennials?”

Great question. The common thread leads back to the experience of the campus, the feeling of community and involvement. The goal was to capture this feeling, along with the takeaway for users to sign up and join the Alumni Association, no matter their age or graduation year.

This project entailed discovery and research, along with UX/UI strategy, site content audits and site architecture planning. Wireframes led the discussion to the final result, which focuses on accessibility, speed of information and convenience.

The ability to donate seamlessly, and easily, was a requirement, as well as cleaning up the existing site to a leaner UI that reflected the established brand of the University.

Not only does the site tell the history of Texas State University, but also gives the user a sense of pride (and benefits) for joining the Alumni Association. The opportunity to create a user account and connect with other Bobcats, along with relevant news on alumni stories, become a focal point.

Designed by Shawn Meek | Developed by Blackbaud.

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