Office Hours

Working alone is not always easy. I aim to contribute to an industry that has empowered me in the same way. With this, I am very eager to connect with you during weekly ‘office hours’ as a space to provide professional advice and tips. This is a 30-minute or 60-minute virtual meeting that can be set up to chat more about the design field, UX/UI, Product Design, web dev—or just to talk shop! If you are a design student and looking for feedback on your portfolio, resume, or interviewing strategies, please book a time!

Reasons you may want to connect during “office hours”:

+ You are interested in learning more about UX/UI and/or entering the design industry.
+ You are a design student in Colorado, either via Community College or University.
+ You are a past Texas State University, Fort Lewis College or MSU Denver graduate.
+ You are passionate about design and are having trouble getting your first gig.
+ You enjoy meeting others doing interesting things and want to network.
+ You are curious about collaborating on an upcoming project, for compensation or pro-bono.
+ You enjoy a good IPA in the company of others and want to schedule a digital happy hour.
+ You are wanting to learn the differences of UX and UI roles in industry.
+ You believe coffee is essential to the creative process (and life in general).

* Please note: this is not a full list of reasons why you should want to connect via office hours, but it’s a start. If you have an upcoming project need, or view yourself as a potential client, please instead email directly and let’s start the conversation!