Responciv is a lobbying intelligence app designed to build civic autonomy. It can be used by small business owners looking to find more information regarding legislature that may affect their bottom line, lobbyists who want to see others that may be in support or against a bill, or an average citizen who may want to understand where funding is being funneled to support a bill. There is an abundance of ‘dark money’ in politics. Responciv seeks to bring transparency to the lobbying ecosystem by displaying bill and legislator information, bill information and position, data of monthly income for statewide lobbyists and whether their effort was in support or opposition of a listed bill. The ability to fund lobbyists through the application is also available in an effort for small businesses to have a voice in their statewide lobbying efforts.

As part of the 2019 Go Code Colorado apps building competition, Responciv ranked in the Top 6 statewide products as a mobile application. In the current political climate, finding an unbiased source can be difficult to locate. Responciv builds civic autonomy while providing unbiased statewide data and results for a variety of end users.


Brand Identity
UX/UI Design


2019 Go Code Colorado Top 6 Finalist

Designed by Shawn Meek in collaboration with Nick Teets, Jonah Walker, Dione Wilson and Ben Myklebust | CuriousMinds

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